Measure Fish Fat, Fish Freshness & Meat Fat content in seconds.

Trusted by world’s leading Scientist, Researchers & Technicians in Aquatic Research, Sea Food Quality Assurance & Meat Quality inspectors.

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Fish Freshness Meter (Torrymeter)

Measure Fish Freshness

Fish Fat Meter

Measure Fish Fat Content Percentage

Fish Analyzer

Measure Fish Fat & Fish Freshness

Meat Fat Meter

Measure Meat Fat Content Percentage

Certified Quality Reader (CQR)

Measure Quality of Fish, Meat & Produce


Conduct Government, University & Non-profit research projects.

Quality Control

Objective data driven results to ensure consistent quality.

Fishing Contests

Ensure integrity of fishing contests & rule enforcement.

Results in seconds

Accurate & instant results to make on the spot decisions.

Handheld & Portable

Just like the size of a smartphone, carry it anywhere you like.

Rugged & Durable

Made for outdoor use and water proof to IP65 standards.

Long battery life

Up to 8 hours of all day use. Go for a long field measurements.

Non destructive

No harm done to your fish or the meat being measured.

Ease of use

Anyone can measure right out of the box, with no special training.

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