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Trusted by the world’s most demanding researchers and food safety analysts, Distell is the industry leader in hand-held measuring fish fat, meat fat and fish freshness meters.
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Market Research

Market Research


Will your product/service sell in the US? Who & Where are your customers? How will they buy?


Our “Go to Market” strategy will help navigate to success.
Distribution & Logistics solutions

Distribution & Logistic Solutions


Warehouse & inventory management, freight forwarding, tariff, import/export laws and compliance.
Let us deal with it so you can focus on growing your business.
Sales Agents

Sales Agents


We’ll be your feet on the ground and use us as a virtual office in the US. We’ll take your calls, follow up on leads and provide customer support.
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


Need help promoting your brand/product? We’ll help improve online customer experience, SEO, content & email marketing, Ads, and social media.
We’ll help launch your brand with a bang!

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Proven success helping businesses grow their brand in the US.

Industry Knowledge

Industry expert knowledge with business network connections to help grow your brand.

Customer Service

Superior customer service to you and your customers.

US Government Contracts

Open your business to selling to the US Government!

Trusted Partnership

Open & transparent business partnership to promote your business.

Silicon Valley Innovation

Think and do different. Every market is ripe for disruption.

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