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Biomiga signs distribution agreement with Assurant Innovations


Aug. 30, 2017:?San Diego, CA: Biomiga (San Diego, CA), manufacturing leader in Biotechnology and Life Sciences has signed a distribution agreement with Assurant Innovations (San Jose, CA). "We're very excited to have Assurant Innovations on board with us. We have aggressive plans to expand and grow, I'm confident that Assurant Innovations will execute to keep up with our goals.", Joseph Felix of Biomiga Sales Manager. He continues, "Assurant Innovation's proven success record, innovative business approach and being in the heart of Silicon Valley proves a winning partnership for Biomiga. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Assurant Innovations."

"For Assurant Innovations, this will be an excellent opportunity and exciting time to enter the Biotechnology industry", Takeo Kimura of Assurant Innovations. "We're very fortunate to have Biomiga approach us to be their distributor and business partner." He also stresses, "this is a validation of our hard work and industry reputation that we've gained, we'll continue to keep ahead of the industry to serve our customer base".

With this agreement with Biomiga, Assurant Innovation will form a new group to focus on Biotechnology industry. The group will be formally announced in few weeks.


About Biomiga: Biotechnology and Life Science product manufacturer located in San Diego, CA. (


About Assurant Innovations: Distributor and re-seller of high end premium industrial products based in San Jose, CA. (


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