Fish Fat Meter used for measuring Somatic Energy Content of Migrating Adult Pacific Salmon

Article TitleNonlethal, Rapid Method for Assessing the Somatic Energy Content of Migrating Adult Pacific Salmon
Written byGlenn T. Crossin, Scott G. Hinch
FromUniversity of British Columbia, Canada
PublishedJuly 27, 2004
Fish SpeciesPacific salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.)

What the research is about

This research evaluated the Fish Fat Meter, a handheld microwave energy meter as a means of estimating whole-body energy concentrations in Adult Pacific Salmon.

Research conclusion

The results demonstrate that handheld Fish Fat Meter, the microwave energy meters can be used to generate highly accurate measures of gross somatic energy and lipid level percentages in migratory Pacific salmon. The Fish Fat Meter technology is effective because microwave meters can accurately estimate the water content of somatic tissues. In addition, strong proportional relationships between water, lipid, and gross somatic energy exist in fish, relationships that we confirmed in sockeye salmon and that have been reported in several other salmon energetic studies

Assurant Innovations take

Fish Fat Meter is an excellent device to measure energy level of fish since fish fat is a good storage of energy in fish, just like humans. The Fish Fat Meter provided an easy to use, instant accurate results to help with this research.

Fish Fat Meter

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