Fish Fat Meter used to study & evaluate an acoustic mobile tracking device adult Pacific Lamprey

Fish Fat Meter used to study & evaluate an acoustic mobile tracking device in adult Pacific Lamprey

TitleAdult Pacific Lamprey Migration Behavior And Escapement In The Bonneville Reservoir And Lower Columbia River Monitored Using The Juvenile Salmonid Acoustic Telemetry System (Jsats), 2011
Written byC.J. Noyes, C.C. Caudill, T.S. Clabough, D.C. Joosten, E.L. Johnson, M.L. Keefer, G.P. Naughton
FromUniversity of Idaho, USA
PublishedMay 2012
Fish SpeciesPacific Lampreys (Entosphenus tridentatus))

What the research is about

To study and to evaluate an acoustic mobile tracking device for monitoring the migration and fate of adult Pacific Lampreys. Also to evaluate the JSATS technology for monitoring adult Pacific Lamprey movements in the Cascades Island fishway entrance.

Research conclusion

Vast majority (84%) of adult Pacific Lamprey’s entering or released to Bonneville Reservoir rapidly and successfully passed ~80% the length of the reservoir and were detected at the Lyle gate, approximately 16 km below the Dalles Dam. This suggests that migration conditions and factors such as predation are not strongly contributing to the overall unaccounted losses in the Bonneville Reservoir during the summer and fall migration and that fish are not overwintering in the downstream two-thirds of Bonneville Reservoir.

Assurant Innovations take

The Fish Fat Meter was used to measure fish fat (lipid) and it was one of the key metrics used in this study to monitor the fish it was moved through the dams.

Fish Fat Meter

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