Methods to evaluate fish Review freshness in research and industry

Methods to evaluate fish Review freshness in research and industry

TitleMethods to evaluate fish Review freshness in research and industry
Article Written byG. blafsdbttir, E. Martinsdbttir, J. Oehlenschbger, P. Dalgaard, B. Jensen, I. Undeland, I.M. Mackie, G. Henehan, J. Nielsen, H. Nilsen
Research Done atIclandic Fisheries Laboratories, Iceland
Federal Research Center for Fisheries, Germany.
Danish lnstltute for Fisheries Research, Denmark
Rowett Research Institute, UK
Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
Fiskeriforskning, Norway.
Published DateAugust 1997

What the research is about

To validate methods for the assessment of fish freshness and to discuss the freshness criteria for fish commercialized within the European Union. The project’s participants are working in subgroups studying sensory analysis, microbiology, volatile compounds, proteins, lipids, adenosine triphosphate and physical measurements with respect to fish freshness evaluation. In this article, the different subgroups have summarized changes that occur in fish and methods to evaluate fish freshness as a first step towards the definition of criteria for fish freshness.

Research conclusion

To combine different standard methods that use rapid measurement techniques with a mathematical model to predict the freshness, number of days post harvest or remaining shelf life of an unknown fish sample.Such a model could complement sensory analysis for fish freshness evaluation in the near future. However, more research is needed; this should include controlled storage experiments of different species of fish, to obtain valid parameters for use in mathematical models.

Assurant Innovations take

Although this article is from 1997, in order define fish freshness, they suggest to use combination of the traditional sensory method and other methods as well. Such as using electrical measuring method.
Changes in the freshness of fish can be monitored by measuring the electrical properties of fish muscle. The advantage of electrical testers is their immediate response and their suitability for field use and for use by personnel without previous experience.

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