Fish Analyzer

Fish Analyzer is a all in one device that measures fish fat (lipid) percentage & fish freshness. Fast, easy & accurate.

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What is a Fish Analyzer?

Fish Analyzer is the world’s only hand held device that can measure both fish fat (lipid) percentage & fish freshness. Accurate results in less than 4 seconds, non-destructive and easy to carry hand held device.

Currently supports 20 fish specie with the option of making a custom calibration for the specific fish you want to measure.

It’s widely used in Japan’s fish markets, grocery stores, Universities and private laboratories. Now available for purchase worldwide.

Quick introduction of the Fish Analyzer.

Fish Analyzer being used in Salmon Aquaculture in Japan.

Results in seconds

Accurate & instant results to make on the spot decisions.

Handheld & Portable

Just like the size of a smartphone, carry it anywhere you like.

Rugged & Durable

Made for outdoor use and water proof to IP65 standards.

Long battery life

Up to 8 hours of all day use. Go for a long field measurements.

Non destructive

No harm done to your fish or the meat being measured.

Ease of use

Anyone can measure right out of the box, with no special training.

How does the Fish Analyzer work?

Fish Analyzer measures electrical impedance of the fish to provide fish fat percentage & fish freshness in seconds. The device sends a small electrical current from one sensor and the other sensor receives it to measures the difference of the electrical current to provide fish fat percentage and fish freshness results.

To determine the fish freshness, the Fish Analyzer provides results from 5 grade levels, A’, A, B, C and D so that you can easily and instantly make on the spot decisions. 

What types of fish can the Fish Analyzer measure?

18 fish types supported!

The Fish Analyzer can measure 18 fish types (species). It also gives you the raw impedance measurements so you can make your own fish fat calibration.

Horse mackerelBluefin tunaRainbow troutGrouper
MackerelSea breamSpanish mackerelBonito
SardineAlfonsinoButterfishSea eel
SauryBonitoSea bassImpedance mode
YellowtailSalmonSailfin sandfish

Fish Analyzer’s Fish Freshness Grading Scale

A or A’: Very fresh & can be eaten raw or sashimi style
B: = Fresh
C or D: Edible but recommend to cook or heated to eat


Conduct Government, University & Non-profit research projects.

Quality Control

Objective data driven results to ensure consistent quality.

Fishing Contests

Ensure integrity of fishing contests & rule enforcement.

Who uses the Fish Analyzer?

Researchers, Scientists & Lab Technicians

Used in key US Government research projects to monitor fish growth & health.

Seafood Market Quality Assurance

To measure quality from suppliers to improve logistic or storage techniques. Determine shelf life & adjust price accordingly.

Fishing Tournaments & Derby Directors

Ensure integrity of event & winners by determining if the fish has been previously caught before the event.


To ensure seafood received from suppliers meets agreed upon quality level so that they can serve the best seafood to customers.

Easy To Use & Rugged

Fast, Easy & Accurate results in 4 seconds! Power it on, select the fish, take the measurements and get your results. It’s that easy and quick!

Ease of use:

  • No special training or prior knowledge needed
  • Accurate results in seconds
  • Large LCD display for easy menu options

Rugged & Ready for outdoor use:

  • Water proof to IP65 standards, use it in wet conditions
  • Durable & sturdy casing for outdoor use
  • 2 AA battery good for up to 15,000 measurements

Get Fish Freshness & Fat (lipid) percentage results in seconds & non-destructive

Depending on the size of the fish, take one or few measurements on the fish and get the fish fat percentage & fish freshness grading on the spot.

Fish Analyzer was designed to be used on live fish since it does no harm. Once you’re done taking measurements, reuse the fish!

So many great use cases such as: fish markets or grocery store quality control, monitor fish growth for research or to determine if the fish was previously been frozen.

Any limitations of the Fish Analyzer?

No device is perfect and here are some limitations of the Fish Analyzer you need to be aware of:

  • Can NOT measure frozen fish, it must be thawed
  • Minimum fish size: fillet (body) portion must be at least 0.4 inch (1cm) thick and at least 4 inches (10cm) long.
  • No Bluetooth wireless connection feature yet, it’s coming soon

Fish Analyzer FAQ

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Fish Analyzer works by emitting multi frequency (low & high) bands to to the fish to measure fish fat (lipid) content percentage and fish freshness.

The low frequency band detects electricity flow outside/around the fish cells. The high frequency band detects electricity flow into/through the fish cells. By using the combination of low and high frequency bands, the Fish Analyzer calculates the impedance (resistance) of the frequencies to provide the fish fat (lipid) content percentage and fish freshness grades.

The Fish Analyzer uses a multi band frequency method to achieve high accuracy of its results.

The Fish Analyzer was developed to measure freshness of fish and fish fat (lipid) content percentage instantly and accurately so you can make key decisions on the spot. This device has been used in fish research, fish aquaculture (fish growers) and fresh fish markets.

The Fish Analyzer can be used to:
– estimate the freshness and quality of fish on the spot to ensure supplier quality compliance.
– grade fish freshness based on corporate and industry guidelines
– determine if a fish has been previously frozen or irradiated
– estimate shelf life in fish markets and stores for resell
– check the age of fish during fishing and angling competitions

Yes it can. The Fish Analyzer is a non-destructive and non-invasive measuring device so it does no damage or harm to the fish. You can measure the fish many times as you want without affecting the quality of the fish. After measurement, you can sell or cook to eat safely.

The Fish Analyzer can measure live fish as long as you can hold the fish steady while the sensor is measuring the fish. The Fish Analyzer is a non-invasive and non-destructive device, so it’s harmless to use on live fish.

It’s a great way to monitor the fish health and growth as it responds to certain diets and environmental conditions.

Unfortunately the Fish Analyzer can not measure fish fat (lipid) content or the fish freshness of frozen fish. The fish must be thawed and unfrozen.

For the Fish Analyzer to accurately measure fish freshness and fish fat (lipid) content percentage, the minimum fish body length excluding head and tail must be at least 4 inches (10 cm) and thickness of 0.4 inch (10 mm).

These are the minimum body length size and thickness required. If the fish does not meet the requirements, unfortunately, you will not get an accurate result.

Yes the Fish Analyzer can measure directly on and through the skin of the fish. It can of course measure directly on the flesh of the fish as well.

If you measure directly on the lateral line of the fish, the measurements will have more variance when compared with results from measuring above the lateral line.

The reason is that if you measure directly under the skin on the lateral line, there is a strip of flesh which tends to contain more fat. The amount of fat present in this area varies significantly due to seasonal changes.

If you measure above the lateral line, then you are measuring directly into the fish flesh & muscle area. This is much more repeatable (stable) and representative of the fat distribution in the flesh & muscle. We recommend this approach since it’ll give more consistent results with low variance (changes less) over time as seasons change.

The Fish Analyzer can hold and save up to 15,000 measured data results on the device. After the 15,000 measurements.

If the fish you want to measure is not on Fish Analyzer supported list, you can provide us with the fish species you want to measure and we can recommend a fish that is close to what you want to measure that will give a “good enough” result.

The Fish Analyzer has the ability to create custom calibration by providing “raw” impedance data of the fish. By using this result, you can easily create your own custom calibration and use it to meet your needs.

We strive to aim for superior customer experience. If the devices fail to meet your expectation and has any issues, we provide 30 day money back guarantee. We also provide 1 year full product warranty on parts and labor. We have customer who use these devices for over 20 years in the US and are very confident of its performance.

If you have any issues, you can call or email right away to resolve any issues with your purchase.

Assurant Innovations takes all types of payment forms such as credit cards, Paypal, PO (Purchase Orders) and electronic bank deposits. We can accommodate your payment processes.

For US Federal, State, County and City Government contracts, we can follow your specific payment methods as required by the contract. Contact us prior to the purchase and we’ll be happy to assist.

The device delivery time is anywhere from 14 to 21 days from the time we receive your payment or the PO (Purchase Order). We’ll do everything we can delivery as quick a possible.

These scientific measuring devices are manually calibrated and thoroughly tested for quality prior to shipment order, this is why it takes time to deliver.

Fish Analyzer Specs:

Device Size3.11 x 1.42 x 6.89 inch
(79 × 36 × 175 mm)
– without sensor attachment

3.11 x 1.42 x 7.44 inch
(79 × 36 × 189 mm)
– with sensor attachment
Weight0.40 lbs (with battery)
(180 grams)
Sensor size1.97 x 1.0 x 0.4 inches
(50 x 25 x 10 mm)
Meter casing materialABS plastic with IP65 water proof
Sensor operating frequencies5, 20, 50 100 kHz
Minimum fish body size (length) needed4 inches (10 cm)
Minimum fish thickness needed0.4 inch (10 mm)
BatteryAA size (needs 2 to operate)
Shipment weight for 1 meter1.5 lbs (0.6 kg)
Battery lifeup to 15,000 measurements

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