Review on Evaluation of Safety of Fish and Fish Products

Review on Evaluation of Safety of Fish and Fish Products

TitleReview on Evaluation of Safety of Fish and Fish Products
Article Written byAddisu Demeke Teklemariam, Fekade Tessema, Takele Abayneh
Research Done atAddis Ababa University college of Veterinary medicine and Agriculture, Ethiopia
Published DateApril 13, 2015
Key WordsAquaculture, fish freshness, zoonoses, evaluation techniques

What the research is about

Ensuring the quality of fish and fishery products is a major concern in the global fish industry. The main goal of assessing the quality of fish and fish products is to avoid the consumption of contaminated food, evaluate the nutritional value of the food by detecting the presence of biological, chemical, and physical hazards, and ultimately ensure the safety of consumers. Both instrumental and sensory methods are used to assess the safety of fish and fish products. Among these methods, sensory methods are often considered the most effective way of assessing the spoilage and freshness of fish and fishery products.

This research aims to identify better evaluation techniques for fresh fish, to characterize the different hazards that may be present, and to provide guidelines for preventing these hazards. By improving our understanding of the factors that can impact the quality of fish and fish products, we can take steps to ensure that these products are safe and high-quality.

Research conclusion

Fish and seafood are an essential source of protein in the human diet, with both wild-caught and farmed fish providing valuable nutrients to people around the world. In fact, fish and fish products are the most important source of protein globally, and it is estimated that over 30% of fish for human consumption is produced through aquaculture. This paper discusses the hazards and challenges associated with handling fish during farming and capture, including the various infectious agents that can cause disease in both fish and humans, zoonotic agents that can be transmitted from fish to humans, bacterial intoxications from consuming under-processed or contaminated fish, and allergies that can be triggered by the consumption of fish. While only a few infectious agents in fish can actually infect humans, there are some exceptions that can be deadly. However, the greatest risk to human health from fish and seafood comes from consuming raw or under-processed fish and fish products. This is why it is important to properly handle, process, and prepare fish to ensure its safety and quality.

Assurant Innovations take

Ensuring the quality of fish is essential for the health of people who consume it. One tool that can be used to measure the freshness of fish is the Torrymeter, which measures the level of volatile compounds in fish to provide information about its freshness. This information can be used to determine whether the fish is safe to eat and ensure that consumers are able to purchase high-quality, fresh fish products. Overall, ensuring the quality of fish is an important step in protecting the health of people who consume it.

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