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Market Research

Market Research

Are you thinking about starting to sell your product/services in the US? Do you know if people want it? How are you going to sell it?

Let us help figure it out. Our market research includes:

  • Your product, brand or service demand research. We’ll help determine if there is a market for what you’re selling.
  • Who, where and how will your potential customers buy it? Who are your competitors?
  • How should you sell it? Online, in stores or in-app purchases?
  • Any legal compliance, approvals or certifications needed? How about tariff, product liability and insurance?

Our “Go to Market” analysis will help uncover everything you need to successfully launch your brand, product or services in the US.

Distribution & Logistics solutions

Distribution & Logistics Services

How will you ship your products into and around the US? Who will handle import/export logistics? Where will you hold inventory and who’ll manage it?

We offer a full range of distribution and logistic solutions to launch your product.

  • Import & Export logistic experience with Asia, Europe and within North America.
  • Freight forwarding, receiving and shipping. Overseas port of entry by sea, air and land.
  • Warehouse and inventory management. Product returns and even repairs.
  • Network with other distributors within the US to further accelerate business growth.

Let us do the dirty work of inventory management so you can focus on business growth. We’re constantly looking for great products to sell, so contact us today and let’s get going!

Sales Agents

Sales Agents

Our team of Sales agents will represent your company in the US to increase your business. Look to us as your virtual office in the US.

This is perfect for OEM’s, Supplier’s or Brands who are:

  • Just getting started and need a Sales agent in the US to represent your brand.
  • Looking for someone to attend trade shows, conferences and meetings to negotiate on your company behalf.
  • Contact sales leads and take phone calls to show you have staff in the US.

Let us be your main contact point and use us as your office in the US. We’re eager to start, let’s get going!

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Complete digital online marketing service to promote your brand. Don’t get left behind, let’s just start your brand or improve your current online promotion right now! 

Our online marketing team will help promote your brand online to increase your business.

  • SEO, brand marketing and content marketing. Social Media & influencer marketing..
  • Online promotion partnerships, Ads, sales lead funnel and email marketing.

Even if you have the best product in the world, if no one knows about, it’s dead. Let’s jump start your marketing campaign today! Email us right now!

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