Suitable method for rapid evaluation in the field using the Fish Fat Meter

Suitable method for rapid evaluation in the field using the Fish Fat Meter

TitleMeasurement and analysis of small pelagic fish condition: A suitable method for rapid evaluation in the field
Written byBrosset Pablo, Fromentin Jean-Marc, Ménard Frederic, Pernet Fabrice, Bourdeix Jean-Herve, Bigot Jean-Louis, Van Beveren Elisabeth, Pérez Roda Maria A., Choy Sandrine, Saraux Claire
FromUniversité Montpellier, France
PublishedOctober 14, 2014
Fish SpeciesEuropean anchovy Engraulis encrasicolus
European pilchard Sardina pilchardus
European sprat Sprattus sprattus
Key WordsAnchovy, Fatmeter, Lipids, Mediterranean Sea, Sardine, Sprat

What the research is about

The accuracy of two indirect methods, the morphometric relative condition index Kn and the bioenergetics index determined with the Fish Fat Meter was investigated by comparing with a direct measure of relative lipid content carried out with a thin layer chromatography flame ionization detector.

Research conclusion

Estimations from the Fish Fat Meter correlated quite well with the relative lipid contents of all species, regardless of the reproductive period. The Kn method correlated more poorly with relative lipid content especially during reproductive period, pointing out the difficulty for such an index to precisely reflect changes in fat allocation.

The high repeatability of the Fish Fat Meter was brought to light so that only one measurement on each fish side may be necessary to evaluate the relative lipid content of a small pelagic fish. Finally, the Fish Fat Meter measurements were not affected by freezing storage up to one month for anchovy and sardines, making it possible to use frozen samples of both commercial and scientific survey.

Assurant Innovations take

Good study to confirm how well the Fish Fat Meter performed when compared with Kn and other key indices.

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