Effect of Handling or Processing Treatments on Storage Characteristics of Fresh Spiny Dogfish

From Ocean to Table: Ensuring Spiny Dogfish Freshness with the Torrymeter

TitleThe Effect of Handling or Processing Treatments on Storage Characteristics of Fresh Spiny Dogfish, Squalus acanthias
Article Written byElinor M. Ravesi, Joseph J. Licciardello, Bette E. Tuhkunen, Ronald C. Lundstrom
Published Date1985
Fish SpeciesSpiny dogfish (Squalus acanthias)

What the research is about

This article will help anyone in the seafood companies/industry, fishermen, food scientists, and government regulators involved in the fishing and processing of spiny dogfish (Squalus acanthias).

Below are the main points and key takeaways:

  • Properly handled and iced spiny dogfish have a comparable shelf life (11-18 days) to other iced fish like cod.
  • Despite their high urea content, ammonia formation does not limit shelf life in well-iced dogfish. Other spoilage factors like rancidity and texture changes are more important.
  • Heading, gutting, and bleeding helps extend shelf life by 1-5 days compared to whole fish. This allows better quality belly flaps.
  • Storage temperature is critical. Shelf life drops from 11-18 days at 32°F to just 2-5 days at 46-57°F due to increased microbial growth and ammonia production. Proper icing is key.
  • The Torrymeter accurately measures quality changes during iced storage, with lower readings indicating loss of freshness. It could help processors and inspectors rapidly assess dogfish quality.
  • Simple field tests like the Chemetrics ammonia test kit can also quickly screen dogfish prior to export for excessive ammonia levels.

Why this article and findings are important? This research helps establish proper handling practices to achieve maximum quality spiny dogfish for the growing export market. It also validates the usefulness of tools like the Torrymeter for quality control.

Research conclusion

This research shows that the Torrymeter is an excellent tool for processors to monitor quality and maximize shelf life of iced spiny dogfish.

The Torrymeter provides a fast and simple way to track fish freshness right on the processing line. A low Torrymeter reading accurately indicate loss of quality before dogfish develop objectionable ammonia odors or flavors.

Using the Torrymeter, processors can fine-tune handling practices like icing temperature and gutting to extend shelf life. They can test storage parameters and get real-time feedback on product freshness.

The Torrymeter also helps processors reliably meet or monitor strict export and safety standards for dogfish quality. There’s no need for time-consuming lab tests.

With the Torrymeter, processors can deliver the highest quality dogfish to market. They can reduce product loss and ensure a fresh, appealing product that commands premium prices. The Torrymeter is an indispensable tool for quality control and profitability.

Assurant Innovations take

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The Torrymeter helps you fine tune your icing protocols and handling practices to extend shelf life by days. No more guessing if your fish meets specifications! You’ll reduce product loss and deliver the freshest, highest quality dogfish possible.

Customers will be impressed by your responsiveness and your exceptionally fresh product. You’ll be able to command higher prices and cement long-term business relationships.

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