Use of Fish Freshness Meter (Torrymeter) to assess quality of Malaysian Fish

Fish Freshness Meter (Torrymeter) used to assess Malaysian Fish Quality

TitleUse of Torrymeter to assess quality of Malaysian Fish
Article Written byZ. Merican, A. Kamari, R. Abdullah
Research Done atMalaysia
Published DateNA
Fish SpeciesKembong (Rastrelliger kanagurta), Gelama (Johnius pseudociama soldado), Parang (Chirocennus dorab), Tongkoi (Kishinoella tonggol; Euthynnus alleteratus), Merah (Wstipomoides typus), Kerisi bali (Prisfipomoides typus), Lidah or sebelah (Cynoglossus lingua), Sardine or tamban sisek (Surdinella fimbriata)

What the research is about

The article evaluates the use of the Torrymeter for assessing fish quality in Malaysia. Visual methods are currently used to assess fish quality in Malaysia, but they are subjective. An objective method like the Torrymeter is useful and needed.

The research gives a background to the various methods of quality evaluation that have been used in Malaysia. These methods are compared with the Torrymeter and some positive correlations were found between organoleptic assessment and Torrymeter readings. The Torrymeter was found to be more sensitive than visual scoring when the fish were relatively fresh and un-iced. The Torrymeter should find a wide use within the fish marketing system in Malaysia.

  • The Torrymeter was sensitive at detecting changes in fresh, un-iced fish. It was less reliable for iced fish.
  • Different fish species gave different Torrymeter scores for the same degree of freshness.
  • Patterns could be established for most species to interpret Torrymeter readings.
  • The Torrymeter provides a quick way for fishermen, fish sellers, and researchers to objectively assess freshness. More studies on Malaysian fish are needed to establish norms.

The Torrymeter would benefit fishermen, fishmongers, and fish buyers in Malaysia by:

  • Providing an objective measurement of fish freshness, instead of relying on visual methods.
  • Allowing for differential pricing based on quality. Better quality fish could fetch higher prices.
  • Promoting better handling practices to maintain freshness.
  • Being a simple, rapid, non-destructive test that anyone could use.

The Torrymeter is an excellent product for fishing industry. It makes fish quality testing easy and accurate, which ultimately benefits fishermen through better marketability and consumers through fresher fish! More research can refine Torrymeter use, but it clearly has advantages over current visual methods.

Research conclusion

The Torrymeter provides a quick, objective way to assess fish freshness. Studies showed it rapidly detects quality changes in fresh fish, giving it an advantage over visual checks. By giving real-time freshness data, the Torrymeter empowers fishermen to demonstrate quality. They can command better prices for fresher catch.

It helps wholesalers and retailers identify and discard spoiled fish before it reaches shoppers. This reduces waste and improves customer satisfaction. The device is easy to use with minimal training, even for non-experts. It simplifies freshness monitoring across the supply chain.

The Torrymeter delivers an accurate, reliable freshness benchmark. This allows for quality-based pricing to incentivize better handling.

Although different fish respond differently to the Torrymeter, a pattern can be formed for the majority of species. The most important criterion in this case is that it is a quick reference method to establish freshness for the layman, fisherman, fishmonger and research worker. More surveys would have to be carried out to establish norms for each variety of Malaysian fish.

In summary, the Torrymeter is an effective tool to improve fish quality standards in Malaysia. It provides objective data to help stakeholders maximize quality and boost profits.

Assurant Innovations take

Tired of relying on your eyes to guess fish freshness? End the uncertainty with the Torrymeter, an easy-to-use digital tool that objectively measures fish quality. In studies, the Torrymeter rapidly detected freshness changes that visual checks missed. It gives you a precise freshness benchmark to base pricing and handling decisions on.

Fishermen will get rewarded for quality catch. Wholesalers, reduce spoilage waste. Retailers, build customer trust. With the Torrymeter, you can demonstrate verifiable freshness to buyers and shoppers. The Torrymeter is simple to operate and in seconds, it gives you a freshness score you can stand behind. No more haggling over questionable quality.

You’ll be able to gain the power to implement quality-based pricing. Incentivize best practices across the supply chain. Everyone profits from fresher fish. The studies don’t lie – the Torrymeter delivers rapid, reliable freshness data. It’s a small investment that pays back big in less waste and better prices.

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