Maximizing the quality and storage life of fresh seafood products

Torrymeter Maximizes the Quality and Storage Life of Fresh Seafood Products

TitleMaximising the quality and storage life of fresh seafood products
Article Written byMike Mitchell, Michaela Archer
Research Done
Published DateMarch 1, 2017

What the research is about

The Torrymeter is an important tool for seafood producers, processors, and retailers to ensure quality. It measures the freshness of seafood by testing the electrical characteristics of the fish as it starts to spoil. Using the Torrymeter allows:

  • Monitoring freshness from catch to consumer to optimize quality. Frequent Torrymeter testing means fresher seafood and less waste.
  • Objectively determining shelf life for inventory and production planning. Accurate shelf life estimates prevent spoiled product.
  • Meeting consumer expectations for quality and freshness. Torrymeter scores reassure retailers and consumers.
  • Comparing handling methods to find efficiencies. Identify process improvements that maintain freshness.
  • Verifying supplier standards are met. Confirm delivered seafood meets specifications.

Seafood is highly perishable, this means that unless there has been an intervention which changes the physical nature of the product, such as freezing, cooking, drying, smoking or canning, fresh seafood products will continually deteriorate in quality over time.

Visual and physical changes effect the consumer’s perception of the product to the eventual point where it would be considered unappealing or even inedible. This article is aimed at businesses that catch, process, buy, sell or trade fresh seafood products; it seeks to improve the understanding of those factors that cause the natural deterioration of seafood products due to spoilage and to ensure that businesses are able to mitigate and remediate those changes as far as possible to ensure that the maximum storage lives for their products are achieved.

The Torrymeter provides fast, reliable freshness data to maximize quality and shelf life. For seafood companies, this means more efficient operations, less waste, and happy customers. The Torrymeter is an essential tool for delivering high-quality fresh seafood to market.

Research conclusion

The Torrymeter is a game-changer for maintaining quality and maximizing shelf life of fresh seafood. By frequently testing seafood freshness with the Torrymeter throughout processing and distribution, seafood companies can ensure product quality from boat to plate.

The objective Torrymeter measurements allow producers to fine-tune handling methods to optimize freshness. This results in fresher seafood for consumers, less wasted product for retailers, and improved efficiency for processors.

With the Torrymeter, seafood companies can reliably determine shelf life to improve inventory and production planning. They can also verify supplier standards are met and product specifications are maintained.

For seafood companies looking to deliver high-quality fresh seafood and reduce waste, the Torrymeter is an essential tool. The quantifiable freshness data allows better quality control and supply chain management.

By optimizing operations around Torrymeter testing, seafood companies can exceed consumer expectations for freshness while improving their bottom line. The Torrymeter provides the objective freshness metrics needed to maximize both quality and profits.

Assurant Innovations take

Delivering high-quality fresh seafood is crucial, but unpredictable handling and fluctuating shelf life makes this challenging. This costs you profits through waste and risks your reputation.

The Torrymeter changes the game. It accurately measures seafood freshness by sensing volatile amines like no other method can. Easy to use and providing results in just minutes, it’s a seafood supplier’s secret weapon.

Frequent Torrymeter testing means you’ll deliver the freshest seafood possible. Customers will be wowed by the quality while you reduce waste. You’ll know exactly how long product will stay fresh, letting you optimize inventory and production. It verifies your suppliers meet specifications, and validates your handling methods maintain freshness.

Major seafood processors, aquaculture operations, distributors and retailers worldwide already use Torrymeters to perfect quality control and boost profits. Now it’s your turn.

Don’t let unpredictable shelf life put your profits and reputation at risk. Invest in Torrymeters throughout your supply chain to monitor freshness. You’ll deliver better seafood, less waste, and happy customers. Torrymeter testing leads to fresher fish and happier bottom lines. Contact us today to order your Torrymeters!

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