Utilization of Red Hake

Torrymeter Used to Improve Red Hake Commercialization

TitleUtilization of Red Hake
Article Written byJ. M. REGENSTEIN, H. O. HULTIN, M. FEY, S. D. KELLEHER
Research Done atMarine Fisheries Review
Published DateJan. 1980
Fish SpeciesRed Hake (Urophycis chuss) (also called Squirrel Hake, Mud Hake or Ling)

What the research is about

This article discusses using the Torrymeter to improve quality control and market opportunities for the underutilized red hake fish. The Torrymeter provides rapid, quantitative freshness data to better manage red hake inventory and processing.

Key Benefits of using the Torrymeter for Red Hake:

  • Accurately tracks red hake quality over time, preventing waste from spoilage.
  • Provides rapid freshness data to optimize red hake processing, freezing, and shipping.
  • Identifies freshest red hake to command premium pricing and expand markets.
  • Assures red hake quality for customers, improving satisfaction and reputation.
  • Assesses quality of unfamiliar red hake where visual inspection is difficult.
  • Enables developing new red hake products by monitoring shelf life.
  • Improves inventory management and reduces waste, maximizing profits.

With its ability to deliver reliable, real-time freshness data for red hake, the Torrymeter is an essential tool for developing and controlling the quality of this abundant yet underutilized fish. Consider integrating this technology to maximize the value of your red hake catch and products.

Research conclusion

If given proper treatment and taking care of temperature and time, good Hake can be provided to US consumers.

If you’re seeking an innovative way to improve quality control and boost profits in your seafood business? The Torrymeter is the solution you need. This groundbreaking device provides rapid, reliable fish freshness data that can optimize your operations in multiple ways:

  • Prevent waste and maximize profits by accurately tracking shelf life.
  • Inform processing and shipping decisions with real-time freshness data.
  • Assure customer satisfaction by catching quality issues before they reach buyers.
  • Identify fresher fish that command premium pricing and expand your markets.
  • Improve inventory management with objective, quantitative freshness metrics.
  • Develop higher-value products by monitoring how processing impacts shelf life.

The Torrymeter delivers transformative advantages across your business. Contact our team today to schedule a personalized demo. Let us show you how the Torrymeter can take your seafood operation to the next level through data-driven quality control and informed decision making. Don’t let your profits swim away – seize the opportunity with the power of the Torrymeter.

Assurant Innovations take

Attention seafood businesses – are you looking to take your operations to the next level? The Torrymeter is an innovative tool that can revolutionize quality control and profits for your business. As mentioned in this article being used with Red Hake, it can be used on any fish!

The Torrymeter is one of those game-changing tools. In simple terms, it measures fish freshness rapidly and accurately. But the real power comes from the data it provides.

The Torrymeter delivers real-time fish freshness metrics that allow you to:

  • Optimize inventory management and prevent waste. You’ll know exactly when fish needs to be processed or discarded.
  • Inform your processing and shipping schedules with reliable freshness data. No more guessing!
  • Assure fish quality for customers and build your reputation.
  • Identify fresher fish that command higher prices, opening new markets.
  • Develop higher-value products by monitoring shelf life impacts.

This device simplifies and improves so many aspects of your operations. And the easy-to-use design means anyone can start benefiting from the data in no time.

As a seafood business, you need every advantage to maximize the value of your catch. Let the Torrymeter provide the insights to take your business further than ever before! Contact me today for a personalized demo – let’s talk about how the Torrymeter can help you start catching higher profits.

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