Methods to evaluate fish Review freshness in research and industry

Torrymeter Used to Evaluate Fish Freshness in Research and Industry

TitleMethods to evaluate fish freshness in research and industry
Article Written byG. blafsdbttir, E. Martinsdbttir, J. Oehlenschbger, P. Dalgaard, B. Jensen, I. Undeland, I.M. Mackie, G. Henehan, J. Nielsen, H. Nilsen
Research Done atIclandic Fisheries Laboratories, Iceland
Federal Research Center for Fisheries, Germany.
Danish lnstltute for Fisheries Research, Denmark
Rowett Research Institute, UK
Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
Fiskeriforskning, Norway.
Published DateAugust 1997

What the research is about

The article is a review written by a collaboration of European fish scientists on methods to evaluate fish freshness in research and industry. The target audience seems to be other food scientists and the fish industry.

  • The Torrymeter measures electrical properties and correlates well with sensory scores of freshness. It provides immediate results and is easy to use by untrained personnel. So it could be a useful device for fish processors to quickly assess freshness during processing and quality control.
  • Sensory evaluation using trained panels is currently the most used method to assess fish freshness in industry. But there is a trend to standardize and make sensory methods more objective.
  • Microbial methods can be useful but need better ways to rapidly detect specific spoilage organisms.
  • Measuring volatile compounds related to odors shows promise for evaluating freshness. Electronic “nose” devices are of interest but need more development.
  • Monitoring ATP breakdown products is used in research but needs cheaper rapid methods to apply in industry.
  • Physical methods like texture, color, and electrical properties can relate to freshness but alone can’t definitively determine freshness.

This article discusses the need for objective, rapid methods to determine fish freshness. The Torrymeter aligns well with the trends mentioned for an easy to use device that provides rapid results correlated to sensory freshness. The article highlights the Torrymeter’s advantages, supporting it as an effective tool for the fish industry to evaluate freshness.

Research conclusion

The researchers reviewed different methods to measure fish freshness. They found that sensory methods using expert panels are commonly used to judge freshness in the industry. But these have limitations in objectivity. There is a need for rapid, objective tools to complement sensory tests.

The Torrymeter was highlighted as one method that correlates well with sensory freshness. Key benefits of the Torrymeter:

  • Provides immediate, easy-to-interpret results on fish freshness.
  • Simple to use by personnel without specialized training.
  • Measures electrical properties of the fish, which change with freshness.
  • Can be used in processing facilities and the field to quickly assess freshness.
  • Helps determine quality and remaining shelf-life.

In conclusion, the Torrymeter is an effective rapid method to evaluate fish freshness. It offers advantages in ease of use, speed, and correlation to sensory tests. The reviewers recommend it as a useful tool for the fishing industry.

Assurant Innovations take

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As a fish processor or distributor, you need to monitor quality and freshness all the time. This research shows the Torrymeter gives rapid results you can trust on par with sensory testing.

The Torrymeter measures electrical properties in the fish that correlate with freshness. Just place the fish on the contacts and in seconds you’ll get a numerical freshness rating. There’s no waiting for microbiology results or expert panels.

It’s also easy for your team to use with minimal training. The Torrymeter is suitable for the processing line, cold storage, or dockside. You’ll have freshness data in hand to make quicker decisions on quality control and shelf life.

Research scientists recommend the Torrymeter as an effective tool that’s simple, fast, and matches sensory freshness tests. Invest in a Torrymeter and make freshness assurance easy today! Contact us for a quote tailored to your needs.

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