Utilization of Red Hake

Utilization of Red Hake

TitleUtilization of Red Hake
Article Written byJ. M. REGENSTEIN, H. O. HULTIN, M. FEY, S. D. KELLEHER
Research Done atMarine Fisheries Review
Published DateJan. 1980
Fish SpeciesRed Hake (Urophycis chuss) (also called Squirrel Hake, Mud Hake or Ling)

What the research is about

Study to better understand and improve Red Hake use in the US market.

Research conclusion

If given proper treatment and taking care of temperature and time, good hake can be provided to US consumers.

Assurant Innovations take

Fish Freshness Meter (Torrymeter) used to assess Red Hake freshness over time when iced.

Fish Freshness Meter (Torrymeter)

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